Main reasons no one is visiting your website

Under normal circumstances, a website bridges the gap between you and your customers. Sometimes people strive to ensure that they get the best website designers so as to make their website attractive and informative enough to attract customers. But when you, later on, learn from Google Analytics that no one is visiting your website, you become worried and disappointed.tgwedrdwe5dt26ey72u282

One thing you fail to understand is that there could be more reasons for these misfortunes and most likely you are also a part of these reasons. This article is going to help you avoid some of the common mistakes that you make which makes your website not to have the number of visitors that you desire. After reading this, you know how to avoid them and make your website perfect.

Your website could be hard to navigate

Most good websites have many links that are supposed to help the user to visit different pages. The problem comes when you have a poor navigation system that gives people a hard time to navigate through. So when people visit your website for the first time and realize that they cannot navigate through your web site comfortably, they will not come back to the same website due to frustrations.

Loving keywords too much

It is true that keywords are essential to any website because these are the phrase or words that your customers can find you over the world wide web. The problem comes when you make excess use of them so that your customers are distracted from their main objective in the website.

Your design outdated

Another major reason as to why your website may be lacking visitors is that most probably your website is not trustworthy or your design is outdated. Always remember that technology is outdated and to avoid disappointing your customers, you need to ensure that your website is up to date.

Your website is not mobile-friendly

In this technolotgwedfrwedf62h82i292gy era, if you want to have many visitors visiting your website and also retain the interest of your clients to your site, then you need to make sure that your website is mobile friendly. Also, ensure that your website is capable of opening to various responsive gadgets.

Your website takes too long to load

Time is money. So if your website takes too long to load, then there is no doubt that this is the cause of your misfortunes. Most people tend to give a website about 5 seconds, and if it fails to open, they leave the website due to frustration.